We are pleased to inform our guests that we have a special interest for the environment and for this reason, during hotel renovation, major energy-saving solutions have been adopted. We installed 12 solar panels for the production of hot water, a latest-generation low-energy consumption boiler, and a water treatment plant upstream of the hotel that reduces the use of detergents, with better output and less pollution. What is more, the boiler also sanitizes the water system. (Legionnaires’ disease, etc.)
For some years now, pre-sorted waste collection has been in place, with the separate collection of glass, plastic and garbage waste. In this respect, we ask our guests to help us use the right containers for each type of waste.
90% of light bulbs are of the energy-saving type.
Our balconies, garden furniture and fence are made of fir wood of controlled cultivation origin:
The raw material comes only from European countries that enforce stringent sustainable reforestation policies. The selected timber is machined using totally ecological methods that exalt the quality, while leaving naturalness intact. We want to convey the culture of wood and our passion for its natural characteristics to all our partners and clients. Its colour, its smell, its technical properties and its insulating qualities give any environment warmth and personality. For a better quality of life, outside and inside the home. (from the website of Pircher, our supplier) As regards the room furnishings, we have installed PVC frames.

The high heat-insulation Isolcasa windows, with standard low-emission glazing, are indispensable when it comes to providing a comfortable and healthy environment protected against the weather, while at the same time they ensure a considerable saving on heating and electricity, thereby also helping safeguard the environment.
The Isolcasa frames are manufactured in compliance with recent standards set for new buildings and are the easiest and most effective way to upgrade an interior.
The bedrooms feature wooden floors installed without the use of glues, using the click clack system, and therefore without using harmful materials. We have chosen to cool the bedrooms using ceiling fans rather than air conditioning.
We have a fleet of bicycles at the disposal of our guests, who can thus move around without using their cars.
Finally, we guarantee the quality of our food products, all of which are certified by local companies by means of product traceability, so as to provide you and us with increasingly higher levels of safety. What is more, because most of the produce we use is local, transport is virtually eliminated.